Graphic Design

An integral part of a marketing campaign is professional and visually pleasing graphics. Here at GORRITADESIGN, we guarantee 110% creativity and attention to detail. With years of training and experience, we have mastered many design techniques, from high-end designs, clean & crisp business designs and our more upbeat designs for music and entertainment. With our clients interest as our priority we strive to make their vision a reality and develop highly creative and innovative designs with aim to further the image and design of company, while maintaining a balanced budget and working with speed and consistency.

– We integrate the “identity” of company with clients visions
– We use high quality photos for a sharp and crisp image
– We research projects to better understand clients target audience
– We have cohesive and usable layout designs
– We have a contemporary font and icon selection to ensure legibility
– We strive to inspire people with our design

Architectural Design

“I’m everything and I am nothing. I am air, I am energy. I believe in the world full of laugher, I believe we can do anything. The greatest thing is to make, to know that the product of your work can change lives, can move them and transform them into unparallel realms. That is Design, that is Architecture, to create and put forth that which our minds tell us too. We are energy, and through our hands-our bodys medium-there are endless possibilities. Architecture acts as an organism, sometimes detached from the earth, boundless, shattering traditional concepts relating to place, time and space.”

-Ailen Garcia Gorrita, Principal

A G G has attended the best University in the World for Architecture. She received the TOP 10 Pin Up board award at the University of Florida for her creativity and designs that shatter traditional concepts of time and space. She also attended Washington University in St.Louis, the fourth best school in the world for architecture. A school driven by digital technology and the interaction and communication barriers we face in this digital world. Through a rigorous educational paradigm through innovation and collaboration WashU has inspired Ailen to come up with inspiring and sustainable design solutions to our social and environmental concerns. Through a responsive and engaging approach she has applied the tools learned in both institutions to create positive and uplifting solutions to our ever changing and complex world. With a focus on sustainable design, Ailen has designed many projects ranging from completely self-sustained parks, to prefabricated pavilions and houses, to highly innovative institutions and other projects. Her study abroad travels have allowed her to cultivate a diverse background, while studying in the richest architectural cities.
-Advanced Design Traveling Studio: Sao Paolo, Brazil
-Bestiari Study Abroad Studio: Barcelona, Spain
For a closer look at her architectural design, we encourage you to download her portfolio here.

Web Design

Are you in need a of new website? Something new, fresh and exciting? Here at GORRITADESIGN we maximize your web presence to meet our goals. We optimize our websites to have high functionality in all major browsers and mobile devices and tablets. We will incorporate the latest designs in a timely manner to deliver a website that stands out from the rest. We want your website to inspire and uplift people with confidence and trust, while instilling professionalism to your targeted audience.


The eARTh without ART is eh!
Take a look at my drawing gallery, it ranges anywhere from acrylic on canvas, to acrylic on glass, oils, hand drawings, watercolors, to a variety of different mediums. My drawings are mostly abstract, instilling thought and interaction to their viewers. I also do custom drawings for clients.


Do you have trouble envisioning a space? Don’t have the right computer software to 3 Dimensionalize a space. Well search no more….