The Art of Feminism

Creativity takes courage! To be there in that moment, bare skin, freed from insecurities, just as you were born. You peel back the layers and you see what’s inside. That’s the art of feminism to me. Each model is different, but yet the same. They are woman; old, young, fit, a little bit more to love. They were courageous to show the world their stripes. Deciding to become a canvas for all women out there. Your canvas can move, it can be a foreground, or background. It can be the focus of the operation. the possibilities are endless when your body is a vessel. We are souls on a human experience, and this series will capture that. We are powerful creatures that deserve respect and acknowledgement. Many hide behind the layer I depict in my art. They are all different, but bound by my art. I hope that the viewer can look past the surface and appreciate the real beauty of a woman; that which is found inside. I hope you see the art in their movement, the force that drives them, the colors of their soul when you look into the canvas; that which is her! Here you find extraordinary woman, not because I painted them, but because they were brave enough to show the world their stripes.
What makes a woman a feminist? Is it the clothes she wears, the way she carries herself, is it her voice, or the way she stands? We live in a society in which gender roles dictate the way a woman should carry herself. I personally think a woman is work of art, and so is a man in its perspective endeavor. Being a feminist means acknowledging that a woman is just as important as a man, not greater or less. Since birth we raise girls to like pink, and boys to like blue, instead of letting them decide for themselves. A man choosing pink is no less than a men choosing blue, as is a woman. Should we be defined by our exterior, our looks, sexual preference, our jobs?!! No.