Help duke beat Heartworms

Duke is a loving 8yr old lab mix.  /Widgetflex.swf

About 4 years ago I thought i gave him to a good home, but they just left him tied up outside, and thankfully reached out to me they couldnt keep Duke bc he keeps running away n their other dog got hit by a car following him.

I tried to rehome him with no luck as he seemed very anxious, apathetic & aggressive towards dogs who jumped on him (hes in pain). I thought he was just stressed but in reality he has been living with worms inside him, slowly killing him.

Duke has heartworms at a very progressed stage, and also hookworms. He has pigment in his eyes, and trouble jumping up into the car.  He has trouble breathing and is very noticable. I could hear him panthing last night and he was just laying there. Hes got all his shots now, and has been dewormed for hookworms. But Heartworms is a different monster.

Imagine chemotheraphy. Well thats what it is, and its expensive! And if not done ASAP Duke will not make it.
And I need help. From anything as simple as watching him so hes not alone while going treatment as he was to be in complete bed rest. To donating any bit of money to his medical funds. Heartworm treatment is $500-600, plus bloodwork, medications, xrays, stay in the vet for a 61lb dog is $55/night. It just keep going up, their estimate went from low of $800 to high of $1000.

And if you cant do either of those things, then I ask you to pray for him. Hes an amazing dog that was once full of life, and now hes barely even walking around. I know he can make it, and he will!!!!

You can also donate directly to Kindness animal hospital, and make sure you let me know if you do that.

Im currently looking for a place to live where I can keep Duke and give him a good loving home where he will never be tied up to a tree.


The end of the world

A nomadic point of view…
is that what I seek of you. A life so clandestine that all that is between you and the heavens are the stars. They shine like the shimmering eyes of an elephant, a tiger, or perhaps an orca whale. They say the eyes are the door to your souls, a threshold to the heavens. So if I look at your eyes will I be in your heaven.


In memory of Ivey Henton

Have you ever had someone come into your life, with fiery fervor and full of life. Quickly like a shooting star my dear friend Ivey came into my life. God needed a muse. We are bodies on consignment to a grander scale of life she was taken; but she lives in my art. Splash after splash, stroke after stroke, unpurposed expression, with no intention she comes out….Thats Ivey for you, she let her presence be know with her luscious blonde hair, out of the water in another world, another life. Is she a mermaid now? She thought me what art really was. Its not about how much money you get, although monetary compensation is welcome, but its about how your art moves people. How it transports them to a different reality, where they can escape, just like me into this realm. Me with my brush, you with your imagination. My friend Ivey succumbed to a battle against cancer. Fuck Cancer.But she came to me in my art. She transported herself into my brush. At Iveys celebration of life, I brought her with me. Her family and close friends, saw her in my painting. She was my muse, and they could see that. Oh Ivey, once again you have done it.