My color palette is very intuitive. My work emerges from a subconscious idea. I articulate my drawings as they develop. I let the drawing speak for itself, it tells me what it wants to be. I work in layers. Each layer merges with the one underneath, creating a symphony of lines and color that are aesthetically pleasing. I strongly believe that the hand and the mind work in uniform creating beauty in its abstract form, with a different idea with each set of eyes. I want to inspire curiosity when people look at my artwork. I want people to ask questions, to arouse thoughts. I want the colors to draw you in, confuse you, awe you, and answer you at the same time.

When someone brings home a painting I have created, no matter how large or small, they are taking a piece of my life, my story, my torments, my happiness, and my sorrow. They are sharing in the beauty that surrounds me. Though most of all they are taking a piece of my heart.

Paintings on Canvas & Board



























Drawings on Glass







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The eARTh without ART is eh!
Take a look at my drawing gallery, it ranges anywhere from acrylic on canvas, to acrylic on glass, oils, hand drawings, watercolors, to a variety of different mediums. My drawings are mostly abstract, instilling thought and interaction to their viewers. I also do custom drawings for clients.