About The Artist

My name is Ailen Garcia Gorrita. I was born in the tropical country of Cuba. I moved to the United States when I was 12 years old because my dad was lucky enough to win a visa lottery to move to the United States in pursuit of his dreams. Since I can remember I have constantly held a pencil and paper in my hand. I soon became fascinated with “creating” and manifesting these creations from my imagination. I found an outlet for this creativity through exploring a career in architecture. I enrolled at the University of Florida at the age of 16 and graduated four years later with a Bachelors of Design in Architecture. Then I moved to the midwest and earned a Master in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis.

Through a responsive and engaging approach I have applied the tools I acquired during my architectural education to create positive and uplifting solutions to our mercurial and complex world. With a focus on sustainability, I have designed multiple projects ranging from self-sustaining parks, prefabricated pavilions and houses, kinetic-imaging videos, free-hand abstract art and more. Studying abroad in France, Spain, Portugal and Brazil has allowed me to cultivate a diverse background while experiencing some of the most stimulating architectural and artistic environments.

Throughout my architectural education I was cultivating an emerging talent for acrylic and large-scale paintings. This has developed into my main method of artistic expression. I completely express myself in a canvas. Every time I paint I have a conversation with the canvas. She is very stubborn and always wins. My work is an uninhibited part of my psyche. Since I was a child my mother has always said I have seen the world with a different set of eyes.

My color palette is very intuitive. My work emerges from a subconscious idea. I articulate my drawings as they develop. I let the drawing speak for itself. It tells me what it wants to be. I work in layers. Each layer merges with the one underneath, creating a symphony of lines and color that are aesthetically engaging. I strongly believe that the hand and the mind work in uniform to create beauty in its abstract form, embodying a different idea with each set of eyes. I yearn to inspire curiosity when people experience my artwork. I want people to ask questions and arouse thoughtful discussion. I want the colors to draw you in, confuse you, awe you, and answer you at the same time.

When someone brings home a painting I have created, no matter how large or small, they are taking a piece of my life, my story, my torments, my happiness, and my sorrow. They are sharing in the beauty that surrounds me. Though most of all they are taking a piece of my heart.

“I’m everything and I am nothing. I am air. I am energy. I believe in the world full of laugher. I believe we can do anything. The greatest thing is to make, to know that the product of your work can change lives, can move others and transform them into unparalleled realms. That is Design, that is Art and Architecture, to create and put forth that which our minds tell us too. We are energy, and through our hands-our body’s medium-there are endless possibilities. Art acts as an organism, sometimes detached from the earth, boundless, shattering traditional concepts relating to place, time and space.”- me

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