Interview with the Artist: Ailen Gorrita

Heartless by Ailen Gorrita

“When I paint, I am completely putting all my emotions and everything going through my brain onto the canvas. It really feels like my art never ends.” Ailen Gorrita

Originally hailing from Cuba, Ailen says she has always felt a fiery passion to create.

The primary creative passion she pursued in formal education was architecture, earning her undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Florida, then continuing her studies at Washington University in St. Louis, where she earned a masters degree in architecture. Yet, she found a career as an architect didn’t always leave a lot of time for exploring other mediums of artistic expression.

“I’ve always just wanted that outlet, you know? It doesn’t matter the medium. I like mixing my creative passions, really going with the flow, and using creativity to speak my truth, no matter the form,” she says.

As an architect, Ailen designed urban areas designated for parks and recreation, but these days, she can be found with a hand in every artistic pot.  As a graphic designer, she creates logos and advertising materials for clients; as a sketch artist, she creates whole other worlds of detailed drawings; and as a bartender, she knows how to mix the perfect cocktail! A true renaissance woman at heart, Ailen’s favorite thing to create is a massive painting.

Ethereal City, Ailen Gorrita

“When I was in school for architecture, I never really had time to paint for fun, most of my drawings were for architectural renderings. People always asked me if I was an artist and I never really knew what to say. Now that I paint, I say YES. I am an artist!”

Tree of Life, Ailen Gorrita

“I just love painting, and I love painting BIG,” Ailen says. “Painting big really lets me express myself using more than just color, I use my body. I almost dance with the canvas,” said Ailen. “Dance to me is art, and art to me is life.”

Ailen has also found a freedom in painting that feels fresh and new to her.

“I absolutely let my intuition take over when I paint. I get lost in the paintings. I will do one painting, and paint over it. I leave traces of the old paintings, allowing for incredible depth in the work. Each layer reveals a layer underneath. I really let the paintings speak to me and tell me what they want to be.”

In her painting below, titled “Owl,” it seems as if the Owl itself just appears, having been there all along.

Owl by Ailen Gorrita

“I am moving more and more towards painting full time,” Ailen says, “and meeting Alan and Stan was just such a blessing. I met them at a local art fair in Sarasota, and they immediately purchased one of my paintings and it really boosted my confidence. Since meeting them, I have sold more work and feel better and better about pursing life as a painter.”


“My work is now found in local restaurants, and in Alan and Stan’s showroom. When I first visited their showroom, I totally fell in love with their style and their bold color choices. They are awesome! I look forward to working more with them and really can’t thank them enough for seeing something special in me and my work.”

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