The essence of a heART


This illustrates the essence of a heart. A heart that is for everyone, an expression, an image, of that basic and impresedent feeling called love. What is love? Love is the force that drives us to live. Here we sample its nuances, its edges, its scars and its infinite size. My vision jumps, to a warm and loving scene, the scene of the essence of a home… phrases, words, reasons, poetry, beauty, clarity…But still the dark side tries to impose and as light shimmers throu trying to seap in the lines, these dark impure and vain feelings that inevitable try to turn off love …but they are there…Nonetheless the diferent shades that complement love are embodied not in different colors and shapes but in the ideal of love itself. The love we profess to our parent, child, partner, friend, work, art, well…the infinite forms of love. There are certainty in the white boundless edges of the drawing resembling the hollow and available spaces in the heart that we deliver without it being reciprocrated. There are no limits to the root of your heart, no countours , no boundaries. Love expands as much as you want and there is always a piece of your heart to deliver.