Kinetic Imaging- Infected with Love

Infected; to affect a person, cell or organism with disease-causing organism.

The title “Infected” runs 3:50 seconds long. It is structured to attain the audience in an ABCD composition while allowing pauses or chapters to separate the piece. The title originated from the idea of our body acting as a carrier of infection. What does it mean to be infected? When we target infection as a threat does it happen from the outside or from within one’s self?

Through the manipulation of exposure, darkness vs. light, human vs. nature, machine vs. nature we begin to see a contrast of experiences of juxtapositions. Complete darkness separates the composition into chapters of consciousness. When in darkness we lose all inhibitions of our body and our imagination takes place. The portraying of human gaze allows for the viewer to measure themselves in comparison to your experiences, those that have aroused from the “organism” that is infected.

“Infected” is an organism, it makes us rethink thoughts, reestablish associations, think about the absence of something, or the idea its always present; dormant to our environment. The film’s entity is captured when reflecting upon life, the things we take for granted on a daily basis. Dormant yet perceptible to our experiences our body reacts to such infections. Lighting a match symbolizes power, overcoming distress, finding an inner light, cure perhaps. But what does it mean to be infected? We can be infected with stress, joy, sadness, love, and endless “diseases” as our body establishes associations. No matter what the “infection” if we see the potential, the strength within ourselves, the strength to carry forward we are lighting a match of hope, a match for a better tomorrow, in which we must all succumb to death eventually.

Corbusier refers to a house as a machine stating, “The machine is a house for living.” We infer that our body like a house operates as a machine. The sounds it encompasses and the vibrations sent provoke our cells and organisms. Provocation of thoughts and inner desires are shown through the lighting of the human body. Our body is a host, made for living. Underneath the darkness lies softness in touch, a glare that can infect the body. So once again the question is asked. What does it mean to be infected? Is your body and soul afflicted by the world’s desires, or is it merely a reflection of our thoughts, fears, reassured by light, by life, by the everyday that encompasses our world. A piece of self-discovery you may add. To discover the pure, the mundane, life, death, but mostly to discover that there is a life continuum within and outside ourselves, it just a matter of lighting the match to discover it.