Particles in the Heavens; Charlie Chaplin’s Dictator Speech

The piece is entitled “Particles in the heavens “ and runs 6:53. Its composition its ABAB in both video and sound. It also includes Charlie Chaplin’s speech in the film the last dictator. The title is meant to be read in infinite ways. The lights represent souls, humans, the people, but it could also be just that lights—lights of hope, lights of freedom. The piece can be seen as a hypnotic trance in which a speech moves acoustically through a plan view of the lights. The view changes, moves, fluctuates with sound. The interplay of sound and video give it a phenomenological feeling, as it encompasses different vibrations through the use of dance. The movement has a life of its own, interlacing man and the machine, with a form of expression used widely across the world—dance—which has the power to change lives. The image contradicts the subject—sound—but aggregates to its intensity and power. The movement behind the lights repeat themselves over and over again, shifting and creating a vortex of phenomenological entities. The opening on the screen creates a feeling of awakening, opening a veil, or perhaps reaching the heavens, reaching for change. As the sun sets we begin to almost set foot on the ground, that which is through movement. The suns ray begin to puncture and dissolve through the particles, almost as if encouraging an entity. What entity? Human? Machine? The particles move along , marching to the tempo of anticipation, to Charlie Chaplin’s ghostes speech, whose words, even absent begin to question or existence and purpose in life.

Charlie Chaplin-Last Dictator Speech