The Bestiari are larger than life

This video shows the design process for a Bestiari center in Barcelona. "The Bestiari are larger than life." Situated in the center of Barcelona, these giants are filled with life and culture. A cultural center that caters both to the Bestiari, and the people inside them.

The animation takes you inside the thinking behind the project from start to finish. Started by the idea of dance, the movements soon became giants, and the giants soon became structures. The project is situated in Ciutat Vella in a dense urban fabric where new buildings interact, blend and mix with the old city, in order to reshape the city.

The building has a very flexible program, unfolding the idea of a giant being coceived to operate in a larger than life scale, ye they are occupided by a person. The program includes and exhibition area for the giants. An educational area with workshops, and seminars. Space for maintenance adn repair is in the ground floor of the builing, enclosed by glass for visitors to see the process of making a giant. The outdoor space is open for evens, dances, demonstrations, and events for the bestiari.